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Other Services

Witte Custom Painting offers high quality cabinet repainting and refinishing services. A cabinet refresh is an excellent way to update the look and feel of your home or business without spending your entire savings on new cabinetry or a complete remodel. 

Our highly skilled painters offer an array of colors and style options that will keep your space looking clean, fresh, modern, and inviting. Explore the magic of Witte Custom Painting with:

Our constant 5 star ratings speak for themselves. Witte Custom Painting is your #1 best option for high quality work at a reasonable price in Maryland and Southern PA.


Light Carpentry & Trim

Looking for a little more than just a paint redo? Witte Custom Painting also offers specialized light carpentry and trim services to transform your space at a fraction of the cost of a full remodel. 

This specialized work can completely change a room, giving it a modern, sleek appearance worthy of interior decorating magazines. Your highly skilled technician will customize the project to fit your needs, provide a free estimate, and finish on time with gorgeous results. 

We love upgrading spaces! Our precision detail and friendly service makes Witte Custom Painting your #1 choice when it comes to residential and commercial projects.


Your wood floors, walls, furniture, trim, and deck all deserve as much care and attention as other spaces! Witte Custom Painting offers professional staining with irresistible results – bringing old wooden spaces back to vibrant life. 

Staining is a low-cost lifesaver that protects your investment from further damage and your wallet from expensive wood replacement. Our full-service staining includes:

Our team-oriented mindset and integrity mean that we’ll work with other contractors seamlessly and complete our project on time, every time. Our safe and lasting installs and repairs are also completed by Witte Custom Painting’s highly skilled technicians, so you can trust in lasting, quality workmanship.

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