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Residential Painting

Interior Painting

When you want your house to feel like a home, Witte Custom Painting has the personalized services you need. Your painting technician will customize the project for your project’s style and needs, protecting your belongings while creating a lasting work of art. 

From baseboards to ceilings and everything in between – Witte Custom Painting has you covered!

Whether you’re completing a full renovation or just need a refresh, our Witte Custom Painting team serves Maryland and Southern PA with cutting-edge expertise and beautiful results. 

Our upfront pricing and transparent communication make us easy to work with, and our consistent expertise is constantly earning us 5 stars.


Exterior Painting

Curb appeal is critical when selling or renting your home, but it can also be fundamental for your day-to-day mental health. How do you feel when you return home from a long day? Frustrated by that peeling paint in the corner? Turned off by the fading color the house came with? 

Refreshing your house’s exterior can revitalize your whole property, transforming a building into a destination. Witte Custom Painting takes care of it all!

We’re detail-oriented and dedicated, so our expert techs are careful to protect surrounding areas while bringing life to your look. Even better, our cleaning and caulking preparation helps protect against future water damage and costly repairs.

Witte Custom Painting offers high quality cabinet repainting and refinishing services. A cabinet refresh is an excellent way to update the look and feel of your home or business without spending your entire savings on new cabinetry or a complete remodel. 

Our highly skilled painters offer an array of colors and style options that will keep your space looking clean, fresh, modern, and inviting. Explore the magic of Witte Custom Painting with:


Witte Custom Painting drywall technicians are highly skilled experts that use specialized tools on all jobs, ensuring you get clean, professional, and durable results every time. 


Our fully customized drywall services include installation, repair, finishing, texturing, and removal. Finishing can also be tailored to meet your needs, from a rough, Level 0 install, all the way to multiple coats of high-quality finish, depending on the room’s needs. 


We also take the time for specialty spaces like high ceilings, round walls/corners, wall hangings, or arched doorways, and offer specialized drywall panels to prevent mold, fire, or noise.  

Witte Custom Painting grew from a few friends with a side hobby into a spectacularly successful small business, all thanks to our clear-cut communication, transparent pricing, and stunning results.

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